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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Sat Jun 26 11:56:43 CDT 2004

> The question was, "other than Baba, on what song in
> the current live set
> does Roger play harmonica?"  I.e., why were there
> two harmonicas on stage in
> the first place?  The answer is Magic Bus.


I missed the original post, but what about Join

(I don't know if they're still performing it and yes I
know they use a tape)

I wish Rog played more harmonica anyway. He's very
good, and should this talent.

> Well, if you're gonna quote from science magazines,
how about choosing some *recent* issues instead of
ones from the 1980s.


Apparently it happened in the 80's, that's when it was
reported. You want endless reports? Here's one, file
date 6/26/04, the earth still not flat, film at

> Knowledge progresses.

But math is math.

"You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able
to pass a literacy test."
   George "It wasn't obvious to ME" Bush

Cheers         ML

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