Is it just me?

Jim M petenotped at
Sat Jun 26 11:02:16 CDT 2004

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> I actually like Roger's performance, too.  I just don't think it matches
> music.  Would you like [RGLB] better if the music were louder?

I don't know, not necessarily.  I feel like Pete's more qualified to make
that decision than me.  Besides, I don't usually think that way.  I either
like something or I don't, and I like RGLB.  It's like the person who goes
to a restaurant and orders a dish but says "can I have it with shrimp
instead of chicken and can I have the sauce on the side."  If I didn't like
the dish on the menu I'd order something else, rather than try to make it
something it's not.

Having sid that, I hope the new album's got variety.  Louder/softer,
faster/slower.  It should, since all Who/Pete albums do.  So, is there any
chance Who2 are spending any time in the studio before heading East?
Probably not.  Maybe Pete's working on the songs, though?

Jim M

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