Is it just me?

L. Bird pkeets at
Sat Jun 26 09:02:54 CDT 2004

>>More on RGLB:  As I said, on comparison to currently popular rock videos,I
>think the music and the production for this song are tailored to modern
>conventions.  A couple of folks have commented that it doesn't sound like
>The Who until you hear Roger's voice.  I'd like to submit the idea that
>Roger hasn't especially gone along with the program.  Maybe this is the
>source of my problem with it.

>Roger's performance is my favorite part of the song.  I was very concerned
about how he would sound because of the wear his voice has been showing
since 2000, but I thought he did a great job on RGLB.  I even like where he
quotes Elvis.  He does it with different phrasing and to a different tune
than the original, unlike the opening piano, so that doesn't bother me at

I actually like Roger's performance, too.  I just don't think it matches the 
music.  Would you like the song better if the music were louder?


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