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Sat Jun 26 08:53:10 CDT 2004

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> More on RGLB:  As I said, on comparison to currently popular rock videos,
> think the music and the production for this song are tailored to modern
> conventions.  A couple of folks have commented that it doesn't sound like
> The Who until you hear Roger's voice.  I'd like to submit the idea that
> Roger hasn't especially gone along with the program.  Maybe this is the
> source of my problem with it.

Roger's performance is my favorite part of the song.  I was very concerned
about how he would sound because of the wear his voice has been showing
since 2000, but I thought he did a great job on RGLB.  I even like where he
quotes Elvis.  He does it with different phrasing and to a different tune
than the original, unlike the opening piano, so that doesn't bother me at

I guess my biggest concern for a new Who album was not the bass player or
Zak or Pete's songwriting.  It was that Roger might not have the pipes left
to make a powerful enough statement.  RGLB answered that question for me.
Yes, he's far more limited than he used to be (so we should keep those
"maybe he should be using some falsetto here" thoughts to ourselves), but
he's got more than enough left in the tank to give us another great
interpretation of a dozen or so of Pete's songs.  Of that, I'm convinced.

Jim M

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