Fuse channel/Will it play?

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 26 01:33:01 CDT 2004

>>Does anybody here watch Fuse?  I've been watching a bit this week, and
>caught a lot of rock videos in the late evening slot.  I'm glad to see 
>someone giving MTV a run for their money.

>funny enough, MTV2 isn't bad either.

>Anybody think Who2 would play there?

>probably not.. ha!

I think they would.  However, there may be a bit of age descrimination going 
around on the music video channels.  We'll see what this new album produces, 
and then they can see about producing a suitable video.  Hopefully nothing 
so obviously retouched as Macca's last.

You can see how it will go in Sam Wetherell's Guardian piece.  Kids have no 
idea who they are, so there is no baggage.  There is no legend.  Who2 is a 
new band and their anniversary date is 2004.


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