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Sat Jun 26 01:15:58 CDT 2004

More on RGLB:  As I said, on comparison to currently popular rock videos, I 
think the music and the production for this song are tailored to modern 
conventions.  A couple of folks have commented that it doesn't sound like 
The Who until you hear Roger's voice.  I'd like to submit the idea that 
Roger hasn't especially gone along with the program.  Maybe this is the 
source of my problem with it.

Actually, I love the music to this song.  Because of the modern conventions, 
though, it's subordinate to the vocals, so you don't hear it so much.  And 
Roger sounds like...I'm not sure.  Elvis?  Anyhow, I'm not sure Roger has 
been watching those lat night TV videos as much as Pete (or maybe producer 

Didn't Aerosmith manage a #1 hit recently?  If I'm not mistaken, it was 
"What Kind of Love Are You On" and it's kind of heavily falsetto.  I'm not 
saying that's required, but it does seem to be fairly popular these days.  
Roger's pretty baritone here and I don't think his style especially suits 
the music.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm feeling there's a mismatch in it 
somewhere.  It's just not a smooth combination.

So, now I'm down to the point.  Pete has been saying that he's not sure he 
can write anything for Roger's voice any more.  Roger has got a voice that 
has been developed to cut through the noise The Who made for most of their 
careers.  It's pretty heavy, and when Roger pushes it, it's really sharp, 
too.  I think I made the comment that he was too penetrating at least once 
at MSG when it was just the two of them with acoustic guitars and there was 
nothing much to cut through.  That's a problem they'll have to deal with as 
they keep working together, because Roger is a VERY important part of The 
Who's message and their presentation.  Roger is what makes the music 
belligerent and authoritative, and gives it most of the passion that carries 
the Who audiences in concert.

So what's the solution?  Up the music volume so that it supports Roger 
voice?  Maybe.  Roger changes his style?  Roger backs away from the mic?   

Roger has had this voice since about 1969 and he's done some surprising 
thing with it.  I'm not sure he's still capable of the kind of delicacy that 
went into "Behind Blue Eyes" or "One Life's Enough" these days, but his solo 
albums contain amazing shifts in style that still sound perfectly like 

Whatever, this is going to be a really interesting album.


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