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Fri Jun 25 23:35:39 CDT 2004

>Well, I have to say: how insensitive of you, Keets, ask Pete to create 
>another Who's Next or something like Quadrophenia! IMO, those are 
>masterpieces gestated in a determined historic period, with a specific 
>relationship with his epoch and his contemporaries at that moment. In Baba 
>O'Riley, for instance, Pete put a lot of characteristics of Meher Baba in a 
>Sinth Prog designed by O'Riley and the output was that beautiful keyboard 
>sequence. Quadrophenia, by its turn, is simply the story of his life as 
>teenage in London. How to emulate these things again? It's impossible! We 
>are in another period, post-Internet, post-AIDS, post-punk, post-grunge, 
>post-everything...Is it a time for sinths? Dunno. Is it a time for epic 
>songs? Dunno. Is it a time for The Who? Dunno. Just wait and let's see what 
>Pete reserved for us...
He is the master. We are the disciples.

Heheh.  You're right that I've gotten a little carried away here.  But Matt 
says Roger and Pete don't read the lists, so it's not like I'm going down to 
the studio and telling them how to record their album.  It's just a 
discussion on what we think of the two new songs, and specifically I was 
talking about RGLB, right?

For one thing, I didn't really say that Pete should create another Who's 
Next or Quad (though I'm sure most Who fans would love something in a 
similar style).  I just said that Who2 should come out with all guns 
blazing.  I did sort of look back at what I'd written and thought it sounded 
like a remake of Quad, but my comment about that was meant to be 
tongue-in-cheek. ;) Actually a remake of Who's Next or Quad,  or even 
something in the same style, would be a bad idea.  It would provoke 
criticism about a nostalgia act, and how Pete can't create anything new and 
fresh, etc., etc.

What I mean is that Who2 shouldn't hide their light under a bucket (if 
everyone will excuse the religious reference) i.e. they have their strong 
points and they shouldn't try to hide them just to blend in.  Prince was on 
Access Hollywood this week and explained his difference from the 
mainstream--he said you had to do something different these days in order to 
be heard.  His tour is making money, BTW, when Brittany and Christina have 
cancelled their, which certainly lends an air of credibility to his 
comments.  The Who are already nicely different, and still have an 
attraction for youth--as is obvious from Brian's posted review from The 
Guardian.  Therefore they should take the modern sound and Whoify it, not 
the other way around--I just don't think they should be too concerned about 
sounding like The Calling or Maroon 5.

RE:  Guitar solos.  I also saw John Mayer this week on The Early Show.  He 
sang and then played an electric guitar solo.  He knows he's supposed to be 
modest about it, though, so he said in the interview, "I try to hang around 
with people who are better than I am.  I'm the lamest person I know."  He's 
got a long way to go to catch up with Pete, but I was pleased to hear the 
solo.  It's something that's been missing from rock music for quite a while 

I'd love to hear from some of the younger Whofans on the list in this 
discussion.  Does anybody under twenty-five have an opinion to add?  How do 
you think Who2 should approach the new album?


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