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Fri Jun 25 22:57:25 CDT 2004

Mc writes:
>I will be flying out there for the HB show (taking my older >sister) and the 
>Mtn View show two night prior.  I will be donating $5 to the >Who-la event, but 
>may not be able to get there.  I'm hoping against hope that I >will. 

Maybe you can come to the Whola 2.75 AFTER the concert?  I'll be there then too, if I still have the energy that is.  A few Red Bulls and I should be good to go, I hope.

>Would love to meet you, 

I feel the same.  Let's try and make it happen.

>and I have never thought of you as "Jerry Springer." 

I never did either, even with all the drama that had happened to me.  When I think of Jerry Springer, I think of Fat Lesbians running around in naked, toothless trying to hump Jerry, or something freaky like that. Or KKK guys trying to punch Jerry out.  Not my run of the mill-single episode of domestic violence.  Oh well.

> No matter what you're like, as long as you aren't mean or >rude, I will like you.  I 
>don't care what people look like or do for a living or what >their political 
>beliefs are.  

My whole purpose of going is to have a good time, make some new friends and make some good memories.  All good stuff.

You oughta make the drive up to Mtn View for the Aug 7 show.  It's a 
great venue with awesome acoustics and Who blistered there in 2002- IMO the 
best show of the 7 I attended

It was like pulling teeth to get my parents to take my kids for this event.  Believe me, if I could I would.  Thanks.  Keep in touch and let me know if you'll be at Whola 2.75. Hope to see ya there!!

Jo in Temecula
"A pat on the back, though only a few vertebrae removed from a kick in the pants, is miles ahead in results." . . . Bennett Cerf

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