Possible Who reference?

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> This was an ad on PBS:  A classical group is playing vigorously, including 
> violin, piano, cello, etc.  The instruments start to smoke; they finish up 
> with a grand cresendo, and the cello player leaps up and smashes his cello, 
> a la Pete Townshend.
> I think the message was:  Add passion to your music.

better one: on conan o' brien's show last night. the band played "Join 
together" as conan went to his seat and when it was over he said, "yeah..'join 
together..in the band'. that's the song that has that weird, ::imitating song's 
intro as someone in the band starts playing it:: yeah! that's like the only song 
with that intro. and there's a GOOD REASON FOR IT! ::they stop playing::" 

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