Broadway Quad & missing John

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Fri Jun 25 20:18:00 CDT 2004

>Marcus Surrealius
>Broadway Quad & missing John
>You mean I shouldn't try to stop people acting in a
>manner that gives others reason to call this a kiddie

No, I don't have a problem with that.

>I'm just trying to help, man. I don't like it when
>they call us that either. I mean, I'm on the list too.

Yeah, but it's bullshit.
Every list goes through this crap.

>> Sailing *is* the one note that is in us all.
>So is standing on top of one of the Smoky Mountains.

Sitting on your board outside the break-point on a glassy ocean with clean
4-6' waves rolling in, in predictable sets....

Standing on your board at the top of a killer run and untouched run, first
thing the morning after a big dump (of snow)....

>I don't think not being justified will stop them, do

No, and exactly.
It's bullshit.

>I'll never, ever stop missing John Entwistle. I feel
>the loss every time I think of The Who (often, since
>my store is named after one of their songs).


I was listening to LAL (re-release) today while working on the boat (removed
the old head....P.U!...and replace with a new throne)....
I couldn't help but picture Jon in Mi. getting pissed during Sparks at MSG.
John is *such* a huge loss.  Sparks without bass is meaningless.

>>Come up with
>> some
>> signature of your own and smile.
>Really! Sheesh!

Double Sheesh!

>"Fuck yourself!"
>  Dick "religious right" Cheney

Damn, you too?
You should hear the media up here in VT....
Boy...*DICK* would be advised not to enter this state at the moment.

Kevin in..............VT

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