The common denominator

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Fri Jun 25 20:05:47 CDT 2004

>Sroundtable at
>The common denominator
>Kevin has all sorts of problems with me, but we at least

Stop right there, and kiss my ass.
"We" doesn't exist.
You may have put your little troll-cape away for a relatively short spell
there, but you were clearly trolling along with Gregg.
Trolling for dollars.
Trolling for fish.
Pissing at a quick political comment.
What ever.
You both pissed at Mark for a sarcastic remark about Reagan.
Why not piss at Jo for the "beautifully moving" quote about Reagan?

Marks had political signatures for years, and has included brief yet
relevant political commentary within his Who posts for even longer.


>You have crap going with Jo,
>Keets, Greg and me all at the same time.  Who is the common denominator?

Damn Mc, are you *trying* to lose this argument with Mark????

Kevin in VT

"Go Fuck Yourself"
--- 'Halliburton Cheney'

Where's the FCC now???
The Republican's *Democracy*, stupid, *not* hypocrisy!

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