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> Email me if you are going, I'd like to meet as many of you as possible.   
> You can see how non "Jerry Springer" I really am, in spite of what *some* 
> people might tell you!
> Jo <who is tired of having to defend her honor>


I will be flying out there for the HB show (taking my older sister) and the 
Mtn View show two night prior.  I will be donating $5 to the Who-la event, but 
may not be able to get there.  I'm hoping against hope that I will.  Would 
love to meet you, and I have never thought of you as "Jerry Springer."  No matter 
what you're like, as long as you aren't mean or rude, I will like you.  I 
don't care what people look like or do for a living or what their political 
beliefs are.  You oughta make the drive up to Mtn View for the Aug 7 show.  It's a 
great venue with awesome acoustics and Who blistered there in 2002- IMO the 
best show of the 7 I attended.


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