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Fri Jun 25 15:25:07 CDT 2004

Joe from Philly writes:

> "With respect to signature lines;
> I'm not bothered by your political quotes, and although
> I don't always agree with your political opinions I
> do respect your right to have them.   I am not drawn
> to comment on them like Mc is." 

I don't comment on his signature lines, only when political views get aired 
w/in content of posts.  In fact, I find many of Mark's Bush quotes funny.  
There are books out there with goofy presidential quotes from lots of eras that 
are hilarious as hell.  Here is one of my favs:

"Close encounter with Richard Nixon"

President Nixon was at a campaign rally and a little girl was near him 
shouting over the crowd, "How is Smokey the Bear?"  Smokey had recently taken ill 
and was at the Washington Zoo.  The President couldn't quite hear her, so an 
aide whispered in his ear, "Smokey Bear, Washington Zoo."  He promptly went up to 
the little girl and said, "Very nice to meet you, Miss Bear."


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