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Fri Jun 25 11:06:50 CDT 2004

Email me if you are going, I'd like to meet as many of you as possible.   You can see how non "Jerry Springer" I really am, in spite of what *some* people might tell you!

Jo <who is tired of having to defend her honor>

>From Gary at Oddsandsods at
WHOLA-LA 2.75 is now confirmed!
Date: Monday August 9th 2004
Time: Noon -6:30 PM
Place: The Pig and Whistle in Hollywood.
After much searching and negotiations, LA Whola Master Gary, Mike 
and France, from The Who Show, and myself, have confirmed a venue. 
The management at the Pig and Whistle is extending the use of their 
private party room without any rental fees or minimum commitments. 
This was no easy task to pull off in Hollywood! So as with Whola 2.5 
in NYC, the only incentive for the venue is a hungry and thirsty 
Whola crowd. This proved no problem in NY, and I'm sure it will not 
be one in LA. Come early and have lunch and stay late and party!! If 
you have a line on a special guest that might be inclined to make an 
appearance, please contact Gary, Mike or myself. You are welcome to 
bring something to display, I will be working on arranging a holding 
site in someone's hotel room till after the concert for these types 
of items. If you are staying at a hotel within a couple of blocks of 
The P&W, and would like to provide this service, please contact us. 
The WHOLA-LA 2.75 page on will be updated with 
all the information, including directions to the P&W, very soon. If 
anyone has the wireless technology and time to setup a Web cam for 
The Who Show set, please contact us. And finally, please stay tuned 
for information for the full electric performance by The Who Show 
tentative scheduled for Sunday, August 8th. 
See ya all at WHOLA-LA 2.75!!! 

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