Broadway Quad & missing John

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Thu Jun 24 22:24:48 CDT 2004

 > >opinions get the best of you.    There are no young
 > >minds
 > >here that are in danger of mind-altering influence
 > >by
 > >someone's post or signature line.     Come up with
 > >some
 > >signature of your own and smile.


Really, really (if you are referring to "no young
minds here...")   With respect to signature lines;
I'm not bothered by your political quotes, and although
I don't always agree with your political opinions I
do respect your right to have them.   I am not drawn
to comment on them like Mc is.   I am simply suggesting
ways for him to deal with their presence without
feeling the need to comment on them, which I've observed
time and time again.  Mc's become a
big boy and probably doesn't need my suggestions, but
I wanted to point out to him that uncertain voters are
NOT visiting this list to gain clarity about who to
vote for by reading comments from you or anyone else.


and Crackers!

Joe in Philly

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