Broadway Quad & missing John

Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Thu Jun 24 21:12:21 CDT 2004

> Awe dude, you shouldn't go there.


You mean I shouldn't try to stop people acting in a
manner that gives others reason to call this a kiddie

(scratching head)

I'm just trying to help, man. I don't like it when
they call us that either. I mean, I'm on the list too.

> Sailing *is* the one note that is in us all.

So is standing on top of one of the Smoky Mountains.

> And, an in-house battle is *never* justification for
> anyone trying to label igtc as such.

I don't think not being justified will stop them, do

Nah. Better if we don't give them reason in the first
place, I say.

Greg A:

Great interview, thanks for posting the link. The Boy
Who Heard Music a play...hopefully not like the Tommy
play. And thank the Supreme Being (whether you believe
in him/her/it or not) he's not going through with
Broadway Quad!

> To commemorate the second anniversary of John's
> passing


I'll never, ever stop missing John Entwistle. I feel
the loss every time I think of The Who (often, since
my store is named after one of their songs).


> opinions get the best of you.    There are no young
> minds
> here that are in danger of mind-altering influence
> by
> someone's post or signature line.     Come up with
> some
> signature of your own and smile.


Really! Sheesh!

"Fuck yourself!"
  Dick "religious right" Cheney

Cheers         ML

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