The common denominator

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Thu Jun 24 18:05:24 CDT 2004

Mark writes:

> And here we were with the
> list back to a good place, great discussions and
> everyone getting along. Along comes Mc, Greg and now
> you to screw things up and get us back to zero. You
> should all three be proud, and never wonder why some
> call this the "kiddie list."
> Now, if you three are quite finished causing trouble,
> perhaps we can get back to it. If not, it's still all
> on you.

Well, let's tell the truth, shall we?  You were the one who made the bitterly 
sarcastic and condescending response to Jo's Reagan quote.  What you REALLY 
want is a forum for your political propaganda where no one gets to respond.  
See, I get along with everyone here except you because THEY don't bully fellow 
listers.  Kevin has all sorts of problems with me, but we at least respond to 
each other's relevant posts in a civil manner.  You have crap going with Jo, 
Keets, Greg and me all at the same time.  Who is the common denominator?  And 
since you decided to air my off-list comments, maybe I should air what you wrote 
about a certain lister?  See, the difference between us is that I won't do it 
because it would hurt that person and would be otherwise unethical.


PS- And maybe we could close this issue and end its tiresome perpetuation by 
Mr. Denominator.  Notice that I was the one who tried to get it off list, but 
YOU keep trolling along with it.

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