Where's Scott, Great Boat, Peace

Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Thu Jun 24 12:16:08 CDT 2004

Wonder where Scott is?    I've been away the last few
days and have been catching up with posts.

Scott has been noticeably absent.   :-(

Great Boat:

Kevin,  I really like the boat and the name.   I'd like
to do something like that if presented with the
right opportunity.   I'm big on giving props to my
influences and heros.      I'd like to have a Quad
overcoat like Scotts.  Maybe he can decorate one
for me.   :)     Sail on.

Keets,  Since this is your thread, I'll comment on it without
butting into the "Mark, Mc, Greg" thread.

I agree that this would be nice, and since we have been
so productive on this list the past few weeks as Mark
stated, we should not let the absence of total peace
deter our activity.

Paul has been a fairly light-handed listmeister so the
policing of trolls and other disruptive posters is largely
left to the victims to defend themselves, or to individuals
that are inclined to jump in and help the victim of attacks.

Butting out is hard for me because in the physical world
I tend to help people.   It is an entirely selfishly motivated
tendency, because it makes me feel good.    I also can
usually get away with it without causing irritation to
any party.    I haven't been as successful on the Internet
with this approach.     Typed words are cold.    Even
if you know someone, meanings can be incorrectly interpreted.

I agree that Mc has been better behaved since his first
few months.   In my opinion he's no troll.

Ya hear that Mc?  This is positive reinforcement.
It's designed to encourage your good behavior.   :-)
  Keep it up.    Don't let other people's
opinions get the best of you.    There are no young minds
here that are in danger of mind-altering influence by
someone's post or signature line.     Come up with some
signature of your own and smile.

AnyWho...  Thanks for trying keets.

Joe in Philly 

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