Rabbitt Diary - 6/20/04 - I...O...W!

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at vtmednet.org
Thu Jun 24 10:43:25 CDT 2004

Really nice photo of Pete and Rabbit on stage at IOW.
Kevin in VT
Well, well, well. What a fab day it was 
at the IOW festival. I got driven down 
to the ferry, crossed over to the Isle of Wight, 
and lo and behold, there were thousands of people milling 
around, just having a great time. I arrived at 4pm, 
and we weren't due on stage until 10pm that night, 
so I had loads of visiting time with old friends, 
new aquaintances, and record people, all sorts 
of stuff was going on. I listened to Jet, a new 
band from Australia I think, and the Manic Street 
Preachers, a great band I think. 
I had dinner, went back to the dressing room for a bit 
of rest, and at 10 minutes to 10, I walked to 
the stage to get ready to go on. 
On the way there a guy stopped me and said, 
"Pete, mind if I take a pic of you?." 
I said to the guy, "I am not Pete Townshend. 
For fuck's sake, do I look like Pete to you?. 
If I do then you ain't paying attention to the stage." 
I said "Sod off, no you can't have a pic, and asked 
him if he knew who I was. He said 'Pete'. I said, 
"No, I'm Rabbit." He said, "Who's Rabbit?" 
Where do these people live? 
Outer Space?............. 
Anyway I marched onwards, the rest of the guys walked on 
stage, so I took my place behind the keyboards. 
It was lightning when we started. Pete 
just went straight into overdrive, and the 
whole place erupted. This was a great show 
for the Who. The fans were amazing, sung all 
the words, held up babies, got so drunk they 
fell over, and we bombarded the audience with a couple 
of hours of shit kicking rockers, then when the gig 
was done, I left the stage, straight into my car, and went to 
the ferry, crossed and woke up in my own bed the next day. 
Now that's what I call doing a gig. 
You go crazy all night, and still wake up in 
your own bed the next day, just like if you was having 
a dream. Fantastic stuff! 
Everybody played their asses off, and if I ain't 
wrong, with the greatest respect to my boss, 
the only guys who made any mistakes tonight were Pete 
and Rog.........ha..........ha......ha. 
Bobby Pridden managed to give Rog the wrong 
harmonica again tonight. Wrong key totally..ha. 
You should see them 2 guys. At their age they 
are still mind-blowingly charismatic and 
exciting. 100% showmanship. These 2 guys are 
all about live excitement and raw energy. 
So they made a couple of mistakes, and the band were 
perfect. So what........all eyes were still 
on those 2 guys, cause they are geniuses. 
They can do no wrong. We are not worthy...... 
It was a great event. I'd still hope we would 
do Glastonbury someday though.......... 
Thank you all who were there, and those who were 
not, I bet it will show on TV at some point across 
the globe.......... 
next stop....Tokyo....siranada... 
John Rabbit Bundrick

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