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Tue Jun 22 15:35:04 CDT 2004

>For one thing, the simplicity and return to basics trend has passed its 
>peak, and now albums are becoming more polished again.  (Anybody agree?  
>Disagree? Is this right?)  And then the main point:  The Who have made a 
>phenomenonal return by hitting with everything they've got.  A new album is 
>not the time to wimp out, to make half an effort, or to back up into it 
>with dire predictions of failure.  The new album should be Who2 with all 
>guns blazing.  Big bass, big power chords, big drums, scintillating 
>keyboards, primal screams.  Balanced, of course, by a few lovely, delicate, 
>sensitive seekings in between.  Quad II, anyone?

Well, I have to say: how insensitive of you, Keets, ask Pete to create 
another Who's Next or something like Quadrophenia!
IMO, those are masterpieces gestated in a determined historic period, with a 
specific relationship with his epoch and his contemporaries at that moment. 
In Baba O'Riley, for instance, Pete put a lot of characteristics of Meher 
Baba in a Sinth Prog designed by O'Riley and the output was that beautiful 
keyboard sequence. Quadrophenia, by its turn, is simply the story of his 
life as teenage in London. How to emulate these things again? It's 
impossible! We are in another period, post-Internet, post-AIDS, post-punk, 
post-grunge, post-everything...
Is it a time for sinths? Dunno. Is it a time for epic songs? Dunno. Is it a 
time for The Who? Dunno. Just wait and let's see what Pete reserved for 
He is the master. We are the disciples.


>I think the lyrics on RGLB are terrific and ORW average, but the music 
>fails on both.  Good lyrics are important, but as David Gilmour says, the 
>music has got to come first.  If it doesn't catch your ear playing behind 
>ten thousand other distractions, then no one will ever listen to hear the 
>lyrics.  The Who knew this in 1967.
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