Roger at RAH (repost)

L. Bird pkeets at
Mon Jun 21 20:53:56 CDT 2004

Repost from Relayers:

>Roger performed two songs on acoustic, and sang during the finale,
for which Van Morrison was on lead vocals. Before the first song,
Roger did a short explanation of how seeing Lonnie was the catalyst
for him, and so many others at that time, how he built his first
guitar and learned to play all of LD's songs on it. He's still in
fine voice, really good, standout peformances. Email us if you want
to hear some clips.

Roger sat in the box directly behind us during the first half of the
show, got chance to talk to him during the interval, as he was only
a foot or so away. He has given us a real autograph on the programme
for the night, to put on the Relayers Files section, as a
comparison, to avoid the highly prevalent, and generally obvious
fakes out there! He is aware that he's on the cover of the current
IOW County Press special, clearly very pleased with the band
performance that night.


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