head to head w/aerosmith

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Mon Jun 21 19:35:53 CDT 2004

Alan writes:

> I don't see it, except in the broadest sense that The Who are competing 
> against Aerosmith for the public's limited entertainment dollar.  But 
> in that sense they're competing against Brittany Spears, L'il Bow Wow 
> etc.  I'd say that The Who appeals to a relatively small (in a global 
> sense) market niche, as does classic rock in general, and only in a 
> very few cases is it the case that dollars spent on The Who will 
> directly be taken away from Aerosmith, and vice versa.


That's not really what I meant.  I meant that with both bands playing on the 
same bill (or are they on different nights at the same fest?), it will be 
interesting to see what the fan reaction is to the two bands.  Hey, it may be a 
draw.  My point was that to average concert goers, Aerosmith may be perceived as 
wilder due to the crazy outfits, antics, trapeze work, etc.  Lots of bells 
and whistles.  The Who bring a different attack: more fire, passion, and even 
venom.  However, I can see it being perceived as not as wild or entertaining by 
the avg audience member, but being seen as the opposite by real rock fans.  
They will perceive Aerosmith's antics as contrived and The Who's as the genuine 
article.  Don't misunderstand.  I like Aerosmith, and thoroughly enjoyed their 
concert (though a bit short).  But what comes out of them on the same bill in 
Japan will be very interesting.


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