Q:Is it just me? A:Just about.

Jim M petenotped at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 21 17:42:26 CDT 2004

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> Note to self:
> Don't go to a show with people like Jim's friend described above.

You know, I made it sound worse than it was.  But, yes, it was getting close
to being annoying.

> Your friend is the sort of Who fan that should stay in the rear of the
> lawn seats.
> Or, just listen to classic rock stations.

It was actually kind of refreshing to find someone so excited about the
early singles.  I think she'd name Substitute, I Can't Explain and Magic Bus
as the highlights.  Most people I know see those oldies as kind of pleasant
interludes between the anthems.  Anyway, I countered her eye-rolling by
singing the chorus of YBYB *very* loudly right in her face.  That got her to
have fun with it.

> By sheer definition alone, only the *best* work will be "up to their
> best efforts."  That means the majority of any artists work will fall
> short of this lofty goal.  That doesn't mean it's bad, or not good, or
> just "eh"...it just means it's not their best.  So what?

Exactly what I'm saying.  Those kind of comparisons mean nothing to me.
They're unrealistic.  But, many keep making them.

Jim M

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