Amino World (aka I'm Free)

L. Bird pkeets at
Mon Jun 21 16:27:53 CDT 2004

>>Eh?  What.

>Do you REALLY want me to answer that? Or are you
counting on my discretion? Normally that would be a
good call, but not if you're going to stick your nose
in then act like little miss innocent goody two shoes.
That's just annoying.

Sorry, Mark.  I don't know what you're talking about.  If it's about Mc, 
then I'll freely admit to participating in off-list discussion about his 
trollishness when he first signed up for the list.  I'm sure Mc will agree 
that he behaved trollishly, but he's not done this for a while.  Instead, 
he's been a productive lister who adds to the discussion.  I'm perfectly 
fine with him, and I see no reason to continue with worrying about it or 
speculating about who he might be.

Feel free to repeat anything I've said in private discussion with you on the 
list.  Though I'm sure all the chitchat will be boring to others, I stand 
behind my posts regardless, because I don't post maliciously.  However, when 
you repost what I've said, please do post the actual quotes and enough 
background that they can be viewed in context.  That will ensure that 
they're accurate.  Thanks.  ;)


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