Amino World (aka I'm Free)

Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Mon Jun 21 15:21:30 CDT 2004

> Ohhhhh, but you *could*!  You just *choose* not to.


He contacted me privately and actually made the
contention it all occurred within "his" thread. It's
like living in a no reality zone.

> Eh?  What.


Do you REALLY want me to answer that? Or are you
counting on my discretion? Normally that would be a
good call, but not if you're going to stick your nose
in then act like little miss innocent goody two shoes.
That's just annoying.

> It's in my mailbox, so I feel free to comment.

It's on you, then. I guess if you feel free, I can
feel free too, huh? I'm free, and freedom tastes like

"Oftentimes, we live in a processed world - you know,
people focus on the process and not results."
       George "I like cheese" Bush

Cheers         ML

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