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Mon Jun 21 08:21:43 CDT 2004

> I'm not sure those are the only two alternatives.


I think that's the heart of this issue we're
discussing here. Either there was a force guiding the
creation of amino acids, or there was not.

> you could say it's guided in the same sense that
water is 
"guided" to flow downhill and air is "guided" to
create a clap of 
thunder after lightning shoots through it.

Well, here I'm not sure what I should write here.
Surely you don't think the calculations ONLY concerned
the mere formation of amino acids. You must already
understand that the googleplex odds included the
creation of conditions occuring as well as the acids
coming together themselves. I mean, come on.

> I try not to ignore any facts, and I hadn't heard
that amino acids 
appeared "all over the planet at the same time" (3:00
p.m. Tuesday?); 

I'll admit such a fixed time as unlikely as amino
acids forming randomly.

> but I think it's much more likely that a set of
circumstances gave rise 
to amino acids forming in multiple places at fairly
widely spaced 
intervals (say, a few hundred thousand years)

Probably not nearly that long. Conditions were
changing too fast during that period of earth's

> years, it would be more surprising if amino acids,
and hence living 
organisms, did NOT form.  Naturally.

Again what's surprising is you didn't consider all of
this was part of the odds. Maybe you're just playing
the devil's advocate. If there is a devil.

I'm not trying to "convert" you (or anyone). You can
believe whatever you like. As will I. And if either or
both of us are wrong, we'll get another chance to
figure it out next time around. No, I was merely
pointing out that there is science which DOES support
the concept of a higher power. Science and
spirituality are not nonexclusive.

> Peace.


Considering your role in all of this, you dare to
stick your nose in?

> You're so full of questions about things that aren't
about you.


He's full of SOMETHING, that's for sure!

"For a century and a half now, America and Japan have
formed one of the great and enduring alliances of
modern times."
     George "I'm in charge!" Bush

Cheers         ML

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