Is it just me?

L. Bird pkeets at
Sun Jun 20 23:44:06 CDT 2004

>>I think the lyrics on RGLB are terrific and ORW average, but the music
>fails on both.  Good lyrics are important, but as David Gilmour says, the 
>music has got to come first.

>Of course, modern guitar is often little more than walls of heavily 
>distorted power chords and/or furious strumming, with a few exceptions.  
>The bottom line is: if they try to force a modern sound on the new 
>material, it simply won't work.

Okay.  I'll have to admit that I've been working through this discussion on 
a theoretical basis, but now I've gotten RGLB out and had a new listen to 
it.  I have to take back what I said about them not having 1) thought about 
and 2) worked hard on the music.  The problem I have with it is that it DOES 
sound too contemporary.  Tune Roger out and listen to Pete's guitar.  It's 
got that undifferentiated-wall-of-heavily-distorted power chord sound to it. 
  Then we get some lovely finger work that would be easy to miss, and then 
another undifferentiated howl from the guitar.  Ha.  Pete is trying to hide 
his guitar god aspect from us.  ;)

Oddly enough, I thought this howl was terrific on Mick's album and on 
Rachel's album, but it's too
moderate for The Who.  What's the difference?  Roger's voice?  Or is Pete 
being even more conservative on this track?

And, is this in fact a good way to go?  I think it's too moderate.  Go with 
the howl, okay, but add something else to it.  After all, The Who is out 
there to set a standard that will last a few years.  Spice it up, Pete.


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