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Sun Jun 20 22:56:11 CDT 2004

>Hmmm, this is interesting too and raises another philosophical point. Plato
(or was it Socrates?)

Without looking it up, I'll go with Plato, who inquired a lot into the 
nature of reality.

>or some dead Greek dude had this idea that a thing was
composed of certain key elements and had to have a certain amount of these
elements in order for it to be, er, a thing. Let's call it a car, for the
sake of simplicity. So we could have the following argument: A car is
anything that consists of at least three of the following elements - a
steering wheel, four wheels, a gearbox, chairs, a stereo, electric windows,
a windscreen, a sunroof. The question is, which of these elements are the
essential parts without which we would not really be said to have a car?
So what is The Who? is it Roger's voice and Pete's writing? Is it Pete's
guitar and Rabbit's synthesiser noodlings? Is it the search for "the self"
and songs about masturbation? Is it Moonie's drumming and The Ox's bass
playing? See where I'm going with this?

Sure.  And to different fans, different elements seem to be required.  I'd 
say the following are essential:  1) Roger and Pete are required to make The 
Who.  2) Roger and Pete must own the trademark and rights to use the name.  
3) Pete must write most of the songs, though recording and performance of a 
few of John's, Roger's and other writer's songs is acceptable.  4) Pete must 
play electric guitar, at least some of the time. 5) Zak is a suitable 

Then you get into more subjective qualities like the subject matter, humor, 
sound, whether Rabbits keyboards are suitable, whether Pino's bass is 
suitable, etc.  We've got those first five.  How many elements are 
essential, do you think?  Given, of course, that Keith and John are 
unavailable to play.

>I think I can just about forgive The Beatles for those two tracks they cut
with Jeff Lynne in the nineties. At least they had they good sense and taste
to base the recordings around an original John Lennon demo and build it up
from there. However, neither of these tracks is anywhere near as good as
anyuthing they cut between June 1962 and July 1969. So they were being a bit
cheeky calling it The Beatles..........but not as cheeky as you know Who!

A sales strategy, I'm sure.  ;)  Are these the ones they recorded with a 


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