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Sun Jun 20 22:28:07 CDT 2004

>For example, the way he plays guitar live these days, though true to 
>classic rock and roll, is incredibly fresh and holds up to contemporary 

Actually, it leaves him SETTING a contemporary standard, given that lead 
guitar has been out of style for some years.  Has this come from the punk 
philosophy, maybe?  No one wants to stand out as exceptional, so we no 
longer have the highly charismatic frontmen and lead guitar players of 
previous decades.  No wonder the kids look at The Who with complete awe.

>Of course, modern guitar is often little more than walls of heavily 
>distorted power chords and/or furious strumming, with a few exceptions.  
>The bottom line is: if they try to force a modern sound on the new 
>material, it simply won't work.

Ditto the bass, as I had observed a few posts back.  Except that I think 
change is in the works.  There's more diversity out there now.

I don't know that Who2 can force anything, but I'm perfectly confident that 
Pete can achieve a style that's contemporary and classic at the same time.  
They've mutated all through their careers, and are still doing it in their 
live shows--one big thing that keeps them from becoming a nostalgia act.  
The problem is how to freeze this into an album that will stand the test of 

I DON't think it's a good idea to follow some formula to compose lyrics or 
music, either one.  This is the mistake management companies make in trying 
to repeat the successes of previous acts.  New fans may be taken in by the 
entertainment side of concerts, but the lack of substance and creativity 
means the music is shortlived.

As wonderful as it sounds, I don't think playing from the heart will quite 
do it, either.  If that were all success requires, then thousands of other 
bands and musicians would be selling their records and living well.  It 
takes strategy to produce a salable album, the same as it takes to set up a 
successful concert tour.

Right now I'm thinking a new album will need reasonably sophisticated 
production and some songs that are either dramatic or catchy to provide a 
hit, balanced with some chill numbers.  Pete and Roger should both sing and 
play on the album.  I don't know that current Who2 has to do the whole 
thing, though--I've really liked some of the percussion on Pete's recent 
performances.  Also, remember that they had a violinist in to work on one of 
their biggest hits.  It would also be great if a hit movie picked up one of 
the songs just as the album was released.

Can we go with being themselves, maybe?   They must have instincts by now 
about what's flying at the shows.


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