Smacking of piracy

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Sun Jun 20 20:00:23 CDT 2004

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> If one paid for each song on I-tunes, they'd be paying
> $10-15, which is roughly the price of the CD, anyway (though a slightly
> discounted rate).  At worst, you are paying a slightly discounted rate for
> songs, and the artists do reap the benefits of your purchase.

Plus they don't have make the CDs, print the sleeves, ship them to stores,
give a cut to the retailer.  Presumably they pay Apple something, but it's
got to be less expensive for the record company this way.

> I already have everything on T&N and am not one who needs
> to have every release The Who comes out with.

Exactly.  In exchange for their lower cost, and a reduced quality product
(sound quality and pachaging) we get to pay for only the tracks we want.

Sounds fair to me.

Jim M

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