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> Watford Coliseum, January 2002, with Entwistle. 
> Fucking wonderful show it was, in a theatre with 1,400 capacity. Very 
> intimate! And THAT'S the way I want to remember them - an absolutely 
> blinding gig, replete with performances of YMB, Summertime Blues and Don't 
> Know Myself. I'm still pinching myself to this day that I managed to see the 
> Greatest Band of All Time in a small theatre like this. Now, why the hell 
> don't they release THIS gig as a live album instead of the ten million CDs 
> they have released from the post-Ox period tours???? If anyone out there has 
> a CD or DAT recording of this concert I would be more than interested.

I have a fairly decent bootleg.  It's an audience recording, but not shitty 
at all.  I have boots of all three of those pre-RAH gigs from 2002, and I think 
Watford is probably the best one.  Rog sounds a bit sick on the Bargain high 
not, but as many here have noted in the past, I am obsessed with that note and 
have been for a log time.  I'd be happy to mail you a copy.  Just e-mail me 
off list (sroundtable at aol.com) and we can set something up.


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