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> I really lliked Pete's remix of "Won't Get Fooled Again" with the rapper.  
> Those were techno effects, but he took one of his own performances and 
> turned it into something that sounded like The Who.  Is techno out of date?  
> Would anybody like to hear something like that on a new album?

I actually haven't heard this remix, but I have heard the Who are You 
techno/rap/prog rock version- and though it is sort of entertaining as a novelty, it 
not anything like it belongs on a Who album.  It will be perceived as an over 
the hill band trying to sound contemporary., i.e., it will seem VERY forced.  
Pete and Rog need not worry about modern trends and simply write and sing from 
their hearts.  Pete has a natural ear for keeping their sound fresh, so that 
will occur without any special effort.  For example, the way he plays guitar 
live these days, though true to classic rock and roll, is incredibly fresh and 
holds up to contemporary standards.  Of course, modern guitar is often little 
more than walls of heavily distorted power chords and/or furious strumming, 
with a few exceptions.  The bottom line is: if they try to force a modern sound 
on the new material, it simply won't work.  


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