Smacking of piracy

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Sun Jun 20 18:42:57 CDT 2004

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> I haven't heard the two new songs yet (don't feel
> right about downloading songs from the internet; even
> for a cheap price, it just smacks of piracy and
> cheating the artists of money they worked hard for to
> produce their art, and amn't interested in getting
> 'Then and Now'), so I can't comment on if I find them
> good or not or up to earlier Who standards.


Think of it this way- on I-tunes you will be paying $.99 for each track.  On 
a standard CD these days there are 10-15 tracks (usually with added live 
tracks to fill out the CD).  If one paid for each song on I-tunes, they'd be paying 
$10-15, which is roughly the price of the CD, anyway (though a slightly 
discounted rate).  At worst, you are paying a slightly discounted rate for the 
songs, and the artists do reap the benefits of your purchase.  For this reason, I 
don't think you should feel the least bit guilty or hesitant to buy the tracks 
on I-tunes.  After all, if Pete and Roger and their label didn't think it was 
profitable, they wouldn't have authorized their releases for download.  
Actually, I quite appreciate not having to buy the entire T&N compilation to hear 
the two new tracks.  I already have everything on T&N and am not one who needs 
to have every release The Who comes out with.


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