Is it just me?

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For all anyone is concerned, say at a 
crowded Best Buy where it's playing on the store system, I'd expect the 
customer to go buy Elvis.

And that, I did do. I picked up his Second to None cd, a recent collections 
of great songs that couldn't fit on his #1's disc released a few years ago.

Our on the job favorite across the board is "Bossa Nova Baby" Where he is 
complaining about having a woman that won't let him stop dancing when he's real 
tired and just want to chill.

Elvis: "I said Come on baby it's hot in here and ooh so cool outside, if you 
lend me a dollar I'll buy some gas and I'll take you for a little ride..She 
said  'A hey Bossanovababy keep on dancing cuz I ain't got time for that...A hey 
bossonava baby keep on dancin' or I'll find myself another cat"'...

Now that's harsh.  I hate when that happens!

Jon in MI.

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