Internet piracy?

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Eh?  I thought iTunes was a legitimate concern.  They SELL you the tracks 
for about a dollar and the artist gets their cut, just as if it's a single 
sold in a store.  Am I missing something here?


>I haven't heard the two new songs yet (don't feel
right about downloading songs from the internet; even
for a cheap price, it just smacks of piracy and
cheating the artists of money they worked hard for to
produce their art, and amn't interested in getting
'Then and Now'), so I can't comment on if I find them
good or not or up to earlier Who standards."

>Ranting Pavel:
Dobry den, and thank you for making an interesting point Anna. Yes,
downloading trackd from the net IS piracy and it IS theft.

Right. If you pay for something, you're not stealing it. iTunes brings them 
more business that's all.

Jon in Mi.

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