Internet piracy?

L. Bird pkeets at
Sun Jun 20 08:37:18 CDT 2004

Eh?  I thought iTunes was a legitimate concern.  They SELL you the tracks 
for about a dollar and the artist gets their cut, just as if it's a single 
sold in a store.  Am I missing something here?


>I haven't heard the two new songs yet (don't feel
right about downloading songs from the internet; even
for a cheap price, it just smacks of piracy and
cheating the artists of money they worked hard for to
produce their art, and amn't interested in getting
'Then and Now'), so I can't comment on if I find them
good or not or up to earlier Who standards."

>Ranting Pavel:
Dobry den, and thank you for making an interesting point Anna. Yes,
downloading trackd from the net IS piracy and it IS theft.

>From ‘will you?’ to ‘I do,’ MSN Life Events is your resource for Getting 

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