Is it just me? (continued)

L. Bird pkeets at
Sat Jun 19 22:57:57 CDT 2004

Here's a random review of previous efforts.  Feel free to post agreements or 

I don't much like FACE DANCES.  It was a commendable effort at change, but 
the best thing about it is the bonus track of "How Can You Do It Alone" 
where Pete is making it up as he goes along (except this needs more bass as 
it's mixed on the last release).  The final results on all this album are 
overworked and underpresented.  However, there's likely nothing wrong with 
the material.  I loved "Another Tricky Day" as Who2 played it.

IT'S HARD sounds half baked.  Many of the songs had potential, but the music 
is thin and the lyrics forced, like Pete (or whoever was responsible) didn't 
take the time to layer in sufficient complexity.  The obvious stand outs are 
"Eminence Front" (straight out of the subconscious), "One Life's Enough for 
Me" (lovely jazz number) and "A Man is a Man" (gorgeous harmonies).

"Dig" and "Fire" were the best tracks on IRON MAN. There is no flow to this 
album, no drama or urgency.  Roger should have sung the whole thing.  Okay, 
maybe Pete and Roger.

The basic idea of "Old Red Wine" is good, but it's another case where the 
lyrics sound forced and overworked.  Also, if Pete was really angry about 
this, he should have hit that power chord right off and let people know 
about it.  The music wimps along without giving us any hint of emotion until 
the song is over.  They're already backing off the lyrics on this one, as 
Pete says he's not as angry as he was when he wrote it.  It has good 
potential--maybe they should treat the released version as a demo and rework 
the lyrics and music both.

I love the lyrics on "Real Good Looking Boy."  Lyrically, this has 
everything a Pete/Who song needs.  BUT, they're relying too heavily on the 
Elvis song as the hook, and haven't done squat for music on it.  Is the 
problem that complex music takes too much time?  That Roger hasn't had 
enough time to work through the presentation?  That Pete is scared of 
overproduction?  That Pete is still arguing with Roger about how to play the 

Other commendable efforts:  I loved the 2000 Manchester MG jam that was 
maybe "Crossroads Now."  I hope they got a good live recording of that one, 
because it should appear on some official release.  If not this album, then 
another one.  They shouldn't keep that gorgeous performance in the closet.

I really lliked Pete's remix of "Won't Get Fooled Again" with the rapper.  
Those were techno effects, but he took one of his own performances and 
turned it into something that sounded like The Who.  Is techno out of date?  
Would anybody like to hear something like that on a new album?

I liked Pete's effort at classical, except that he went too classical.  It 
needed his trademark dissonance somewhere in there--at least at the end.  I 
think he should follow up on this, though maybe not on a Who album.  Heheh.


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