Is it just me?

L. Bird pkeets at
Sat Jun 19 22:32:27 CDT 2004

>Well, a couple of weeks back I finally got to hear the 2 new songs. I have 
>to be honest and
say that I think they are terrible - well, terrrible by Who standards anyhow 
- RGLB sounds like it could have been a Morrissey single, lol. If they had 
been released as PT solo records they might have been acceptable, but this 
is patently not The Who and anyone who believes it is must be deluding 

As usual, Whofans are full of complaints about the two tracks.  I've heard 
some comments like yours, Paul.  Some others have complained specifically 
about the production and at least one about digital recording instead of 
analog.  Some have said the lyrics are weak and some think the lyrics are 
fine and the music is weak.  At least one fan complained because the tracks 
didn't include The Who's trademark synthesizers and prog rock effects.  The 
moral of this story is that you can't please everybody, so you just have to 
please yourself.  ;)

That said, I was disappointed with the tracks, myself, because I don't think 
they spent enough time on them.  I did post a comment a while back that the 
remaining Beatles had recorded a song together on a DAT recorder and 
released the results.  No muss, no fuss, no production problems.  The result 
was simple and unpolished.  However, I'm thinking now that this is not the 
right strategy for Who2.

For one thing, the simplicity and return to basics trend has passed its 
peak, and now albums are becoming more polished again.  (Anybody agree?  
Disagree? Is this right?)  And then the main point:  The Who have made a 
phenomenonal return by hitting with everything they've got.  A new album is 
not the time to wimp out, to make half an effort, or to back up into it with 
dire predictions of failure.  The new album should be Who2 with all guns 
blazing.  Big bass, big power chords, big drums, scintillating keyboards, 
primal screams.  Balanced, of course, by a few lovely, delicate, sensitive 
seekings in between.  Quad II, anyone?

I think the lyrics on RGLB are terrific and ORW average, but the music fails 
on both.  Good lyrics are important, but as David Gilmour says, the music 
has got to come first.  If it doesn't catch your ear playing behind ten 
thousand other distractions, then no one will ever listen to hear the 
lyrics.  The Who knew this in 1967.


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