Is it just me?

Anna Mormack carrieanne79 at
Sat Jun 19 21:10:27 CDT 2004

I haven't heard the two new songs yet (don't feel
right about downloading songs from the internet; even
for a cheap price, it just smacks of piracy and
cheating the artists of money they worked hard for to
produce their art, and amn't interested in getting
'Then and Now'), so I can't comment on if I find them
good or not or up to earlier Who standards.  Though I
disagree with you about the Kenney Jones-era material;
I happen to love IH, and while FD isn't a great album,
it's what I consider to be a solid 4-star effort, and
could have been a lot worse considering what the band
were going through in that era.  (I've written a lot
more about this on the Who albums reviews and
anniversaries section of my website.)

All of the bands I love most got famous in my parents'
era; all of the records I own which were made within
my lifetime (not quite twenty at last count) are from
people who got famous in the Sixties.  Therefore I
never expected any new material, be they songs or
whole albums, or tours from these groups either when I
was just getting into them or after I had long been a
fan.  I once was a huge fan of Frankie Valli and The
Four Seasons (now they're only an occasionaly guilty
pleasure for me), but now I just roll my eyes at how
the man is still going out on tours with more than
just three other ever-changing people, with only an
occasionaly presence by Bob Gaudio, the songwriter and
one of the original Seasons (and Four Lovers, their
earlier incarnation), yet still calling it The Four
Seasons.  How can he still claim that name when it's
only himself and way more than three people supporting
him?  I have "their" 1992 album, which unsurprisingly
is now out of print, and it's kind of sad how far it
is from what they were in the Sixties; some tracks
have choirs, two duets with a woman (not that they're
bad songs, but they would be better-suited for a solo
project!), and even a rapper on one track.  It's just

Where are you from in the Czech Republic, btw?  Part
of my ancestry comes from Slovakia, and I know a bit
of Czech, enough to read and speak a little and to
talk to my grandpap whose first language is Slovakian.

Anna U. Mormack
"Every wise person has enough of the simpleton in him or her."—Aleksandr Isayevitch Solzhenitsyn 

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