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Sat Jun 19 19:33:24 CDT 2004

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> >Exactly what insult did Greg use?
> Mc:
> I guess "the high and mighty" part escaped you. Like
> so very many things do. However, what I wonder is why
> it's any of YOUR fucking concern in the first place. I
> suppose you think you're being "lawyerly," but if so
> you just got your ass whipped (which should tell you
> something). MYOB.

I hate to see mis-representations made on this list, so I can't and won't let 
them go.  Maybe in your universe, "high and mighty" is an insult.  In 
everyone else's, it just sarcasm.  Of course when you reference face-punching in 
regard to me, that's NOT an insult, as you so often preposterously claim.  The 
truth is that you attacked Greg for agreeing with me because you're obsessed.

This being stated, if you desire to continue this ridiculous debate, you can 
e-mail me privately and not burden the list with it.


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