Is it just me?

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Sat Jun 19 19:28:13 CDT 2004

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> He doesn't think the 2 songs are up to the Who's best efforts.

Well, it's hard to argue with *that*.

> He said for the Who, no way, but for a Townshend CD it would work.

What about Roger?  I still want to hear Roger sing Pete's new songs.

>He said we would be doing our
> bathroom break during one of those songs, in joking. So, I think a lot of
> feel the same way you do......Sandy

I'm sure they do.  One of the people I went to Mansfield with kept asking me
if they were going to play Substitute.  That's all that mattered to her and
she was starting to get pissed off when it looked like they wouldn't.  Of
course, it's the one show where they didn't play it until like 2/3 of the
way through.  Then they played it and she was happy.  But, during YBYB, EF
and RGLB she was shooting looks like, "what is this shit they're wasting my
time with?"  She was also pretty pissed that TKAA was relegated to part of
MG.  "What is this, a medley?"

Anyway, then there were the fans, and I noticed a lot of them, who were
really digging RGLB.  They obviously had heard it before and many were
singing along.  What's my point?  I don't know, I guess it's that their work
hasn't been "up to their best efforts" for thirty years or so, but I'm still
happy for every new song I get from Pete and Roger.

Jim M

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