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> I am sure that my remarks will anger some people, but my opinion is as 
> valid 
> as anyone else's, seeing as I have spent tons of money over the years buying 
> their records and seeing their gigs, etc. I would describe myself as a fan 
> of The Who and of PT as an artist, and I love and adore the music they made 
> when they were a vital and real band, but I loath and despise just about 
> everything they have done since "You better you bet". True, they do lot's of 
> good work for charity, but at what cost to their legend and to their status 
> as the greatest rock band of all time? Please fuck off and die before you do 
> any more damage.
> So once again I ask, is it just me who feels this way?
> Cheers
> Pavel


You are definitely not the only one who feels this way, and not the only one 
on this list.  However, I disagree with your opinion, regardless of how legit 
it might be.  The new songs aren't in The Who's top 20, but I have to disagree 
about them not being worthy of being Who songs.  I find myself singing RGLB 
or having it in my head quite a bit.  There is a genuine, emotional quality to 
it that makes it endearing.  ORW is not quite as strong atrack, IMHO, but it 
rings true, as well- especially with the end jam.  

Now, if these are the two strongest tracks on a hypothetical album, then I 
would agree that the album would be a failure.  BUT, if they are the 5th or 6th 
best songs, the album will kick ass.  It won't be like FD and IH, which were 
written when Pete wasn't in the best frame of mind considering Keith's death, 
his own addiction problems, and his own solo aspirations.  At the time I don't 
think he wanted to write songs for the Who, which is why the albums sound more 
like Townshend solo projects.

Now, I can definitively PROVE that they shouldn't hang it up.  Their concerts 
are still amazing.  They are time transcendent.  They still WOW crowds and 
fans of all ages and continue to garner rave reviews.  AND, it has been reported 
that RGLB holds up really well as a live offering.  When was the last concert 
you attended?  If they can still hit on all cylinders, why should they hang 
it up?  I saw seven shows on the 2002 tour with identical setlists, and I 
wasn't bored for even a second.  Who knows what the new album will hold, if it 
happens?  But if we get even 2 or 3 songs that touch us in some way, and we get 
another tour, it will be worth it to me.


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