David Fagin on Clear Channel (some Who)

Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 19 08:59:44 CDT 2004

An "indictment" of Clear Channel by David Fagin, lead
singer of The Rosenbergs at:
begins with this:

Over the last few years, as my band faded from the
press and as we tried to find a label crazy enough to
release another one of our records, I watched radio
become exactly what Pete Townsend said it would become
in his never-realized sequel to "Tommy" - "Lifehouse."
In his story, Pete says that "Tommy" is no longer
physically deaf, dumb and blind, but emotionally deaf,
dumb and blind. His senses are overrun and
subsequently deadened by advertisers, the media, and
the like. In Lifehouse, the government has assumed
control of the radio, and the citizens are not allowed
to listen to anything but mundane, boring, safe,
Muzak. Betcha didn't know you'd be so right so soon,
huh, Pete? Leave it to Janet and Justin to be the
downfall of freedom of speech - or the necessary wake
up call.

-Brian in Atlanta
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