Harmonica problems

Dereck Evans delbut98 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 19 08:53:54 CDT 2004

Just a bit on Rog's harmoica problems.

I noiced as soon as he started playing it wasn't
right. He actually got VERY pissed off. When Pete told
him, he stopped playing, looked at it and threw the
thing behind Pino's speakers. Bob, as usual, got some
glares and a few lipped comments. He saw the funny
side later but he was well moody for a while He did
comment then before MB, that he had the right one this

Not sure, but i know some guys won the chance to act
as roadies for the night from a Virgin Radio
competition. I doubt they would have been given the
important task of placing Rog's gear on stage, but you
never know.

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