Is it just me?

Paul Paul oyster99 at
Sat Jun 19 06:08:32 CDT 2004

Hello there, Who fans from planet Earth

It's Pavel from Czech Republic again

Somebody help me out here, because I think I am possibly living in some 
bizarre parallel universe or something, and I think I'm in a minority of 
people who feel the same. The cause of this confusion? Well, a couple of 
weeks back I finally got to hear the 2 new songs. I have to be honest and 
say that I think they are terrible - well, terrrible by Who standards anyhow 
- RGLB sounds like it could have been a Morrissey single, lol. If they had 
been released as PT solo records they might have been acceptable, but this 
is patently not The Who and anyone who believes it is must be deluding 

Don't get me wrong, I am a lifelong fan of this band, my all time fave band 
in fact, but to put these 2 songs out on a compilation alongside the 
illustrious company of "Substitute" or "I can see for miles" or any of the 
great pantheon of songs recorded between 1964 and 1978 is nothing more than 
ridiculous and underestimates the intelligence of their audience. How can 
they possibly call this The Who?

Remember The Jam? Remember The Police? I do. And I also remember that these 
2 bands knew when to call it a day. The Jam split after a string of number 1 
UK 45s and LPs, as did The Police. That is how to retire with dignity and to 
leave one's legend intact. Last night, my own band Parafina, played a gig in 
Poland, and we received three encores by the enthusiastic audience. However, 
we had to say no to a fourth, for these very same reasons. Barnum was right. 
Everyone cried when The Jam broke up, but the fact is that 20 years down the 
line, they are still remembered with respect and they made no shitty 
records. Unfortunately, The Who HAVE made shitty records, much as it pains 
me to admit this. The stark reality of the matter is that The Who have 
existed for twice the length of time as a pointless and unnecessary band 
than they did as a vital and original band. Do the math. The 2 Kenny Jones 
LPs have probably 3 decent songs between them, which also could have been 
equally or better served as PT or JAE solo projects. And let's have a look 
at the best of The Who 1983 - 2004, shall we? An execrable cover of Arthur 
Brown's "Fire" and the even worse "Dig" on PT's dire "Iron Man" LP, a not 
bad cover of Dame Elton's "Saturday night...." and these two ghastly tracks 
on the compilation. For heaven's sake and for the sake of your reputation 
and respect, please (and I mean this in the nicest way possible), please 
break up and don't ever reform again.

I am sure that my remarks will anger some people, but my opinion is as valid 
as anyone else's, seeing as I have spent tons of money over the years buying 
their records and seeing their gigs, etc. I would describe myself as a fan 
of The Who and of PT as an artist, and I love and adore the music they made 
when they were a vital and real band, but I loath and despise just about 
everything they have done since "You better you bet". True, they do lot's of 
good work for charity, but at what cost to their legend and to their status 
as the greatest rock band of all time? Please fuck off and die before you do 
any more damage.

So once again I ask, is it just me who feels this way?



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