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L. Bird pkeets at
Fri Jun 18 23:35:36 CDT 2004

Hey, folks.  I'm back already and I see the bass discussion is still going 
on.  Interesting comments on the twangy metallic sound John favored in the 
last few years.

As it happens, I got a chance in the last week to listen to some nineties 
rock groups like Smashing Pumpkins, etc. and I'm thinking a little about 
bass in this context.  I've been reading about how guitar gunslingers are a 
rare breed these days, and sure enough (at least on the cds I heard) there 
wasn't much in the way of lead guitar.  It all seemed to be bass and drums.  
Not only that, the bass is very sustained and metallic.

Now I'm a long way from an expert on nineties music, but I'm sure musicians 
like John Entwistle would notice something like this, and make corresponding 
changes in sound--just to try it out, if nothing else.  Also, The Who has 
always been a group to change their sound to match the times, and I would 
suspect that John would shift automatically as part of this habit.

So, after playing solo for a few years, John reintegrates with The Who and 
brings this sound with him.  But now it sounds old decade to me, and I 
suspect the change to a more classic bass sound at Watford might have been 
in response to this.  I still hear this sound on TV and in local bands, but 
it's just too dated.  So what is the bass sound for the new decade?  Hasn't 
it lightened up?  Who's setting the standard?

I'm imagining Pete playing and Roger singing against different bass 
backgrounds.  How would they sound with the Smashing Pumpkins' bass (for 
example) behind them?  Or Metallica? Or The Darkness?

I hear calls for different bass PLAYERS, but not much on what sound is 
appropriate for Who2 right now and what they should use in recording new 
music.  What should it be?  Any suggestions?


>Look, idon't think John and i are trying to gang up on you Jon V Pino 
>freaks but as John said, at Watford, John went for the "older" John sound.

>John was the best bass player i have ever seen or heard; it's just that i 
>don't like Duanne Eddy - or
his sound.

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