Side by side with Aerosmith

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Fri Jun 18 19:21:12 CDT 2004

>Alan McKendree
>Side by side with Aerosmith
<Why should I care?

Because you want Pete and Roger to be successful.

>Why see it as a competition?

Everything is a competition.
Trust me.  I've devoted much of my life avoiding it.  It's a full time job.

Because rave reviews of "The Who blow MTV darlings Aerosmith off the stage"
could mean big things for Pete and Roger.
People take notice.
Offers start to pour in.
Skids are greased.
Things start to happen.
I, for one, like seeing the boys get paid.
I also like it when others see in The Who what I (we) have all seen for a
long time.
I also like it when things happen that encourage Pete and Roger to bring us
more goodies.

>Out of xxx,000
>Japanese audience members, some percentage will be impressed enough
>to go out and buy some Who merchandise and some smaller percentage
>will become fans.

Who cares about the Japanese audience ??  (no offense to our fine Who fans
from Japan...)
The press is watching.

> I certainly don't give a flip if somebody else likes
>them more than The Who.  That's what Aerosmith fan lists are for.

Again, it's not about us.
It's about recognition.
About staking a claim.
About going head-2-head.
It's about breaking into the "mainstream" and staking a claim.

>The only difference I see is that Aerosmith is likely to have more
>fans in Japan due to their exposure and touring schedules.

Right.  And if The Who blow them away?  If The Who get the headlines,
leaving Aerosmith scratching their heads??

>I think any Japanese RnR fan will be either very happy or
>simply blown away by the two shows.

And this is bad, how???
The way I see it, The Who have much to gain, and Aerosmith has much to lose.

Kevin in VT

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