Rabbit diaries - 5/30/04

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at vtmednet.org
Fri Jun 18 10:57:59 CDT 2004

THE WHO ARE ALIVE!.............. 
We're are not worthy!......... 
This band is a force to be rekoned with. 
Pete and Rog are as creative as they ever 
were, only more dedicated to the new task. 
They want this new line up to work, and 
hopefully, with your help, it will work, 
for Pete and Rog, and you guys out there 
in the World........ 
All the energy Pete and Rog still have 
is phenominal, and I put that down to 
undeterred dedication to their personal lives, 
which is what we all see when they 
perform. They are playing and singing 
about their own personal Live's,and yours, 
(we're all interlinked emotionally), and by the 
performance standards and it's pouring out of emotion, 
you can bet that these 2 guys are serious contenders 
for the stature of Van Gogh, Mozart, 
Johnny Cash, Lenny Bruce, and all those 
artists whose work is so fierce and 
personal. It takes a brave man to 'pen' 
a Life like theirs..... 
Just being around them, and playing along 
on stage, they are both such great 
un-qualified 'Teachers'. 
Just being around them you learn about 
Life. It's not all music, this business we're 
in. It's also about being happy, motivated, 
moved emotionally, hungry for going forward, 
and living an honest life thru your chosen 
gift. They have learned so much in their 
live's, they are like walking Educational 
Institutions. Life should be fun, but Life 
is also serious, and so are Pete and Rog...... 
IS HOW TO 'SHUT ME UP'........nite all 
John Rabbit Bundrick

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