IOW video clips

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Fri Jun 18 08:34:04 CDT 2004

>IOW video clips
>I loved Pete giving him the "thumbs up" after it was over as if to say-

>"You fuckin nailed it."  Did anyone notice when Roger had the wrong
>for the BOR finish and therefore was playing it in the wrong key?  Pete
>over and told him and Roger stopped playing and laughed, especially
since he 
>didn't have the correct harmonica there to change to.  It was a real
Who moment.

I finally sat down at home and watched this video.
I have a phat trunk line here at work, but no "Realplayer" loaded.
At home, I'm on a DSL, but Realplayer still chops the video.  I get full
audio, but the vid is like watching with a strobe light flashing.

Couldn't help as I watched looking for the segments you wrote about.
Classic fuck up on the harmonica.  Roger seemed quite embarrassed, but
laughed it off.
I was fascinated at Pete's various expressions about this:
First, the everything is normal look, concentrating on his role.
Then, the "hmmm something's not right", like when a bum note hits you
and you cringe a bit.
Then, the "what the hell is going on" confused look of his brain running
through the possible answers.
Then, the "ahhh ha!" look which even had a bit of a "ya big goof"
look..."you fucked up."
Then, approaching Roger, and Roger kind of looking like "what the hell
are you doing?"
Pete then having to continue to get his attention despite Roger's "git
back over there, this is my turn in the spot light!" look.
Once it was all clear, the mutual appreciation of the "Who moment."

Too funny.

On a side note...
I watched this last night right before taking my boy up for beady-by
He really digs The age Two in August!
But, he *really* started to get off during the intro to BABA.  It was
like that synth part spoke to him.  He was playing with some toy just
kind of tapping his foot or something.  But when BABA started, he
dropped everything, got a real excited look about him, and started to
jump (well, more like a stationary skip at his age) and laugh.

Again, too funny.

Kevin in VT

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