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Wed Jun 16 10:18:15 CDT 2004

This is the latest.......for those going to Hollywood Bowl show.  Hope to see ya there.

Johanna in Temecula

ozzie here with the latest on WHOLA-LA 2004. (Monday Aug. 9th) As stated in the last update, I have found a very suitable venue for the mini Whola/pre-show gathering. Due to booking complications, Mike Bisch has informed me that "The Who Show" would perform their regular full electric set at WHOLA-LA instead of the Sunday August 8th Date. In order to book the venue, as well as have the venue open early, we need to confirm 50 people to be in attendance. The cost will be $5.00 each for the venue; this will be needed in advance. The cost for the room is $50.00 per hour for 5 hours for a total of $250.00. The first step in this process is to email me at:
whola @ Wholapalooza.com (remove spaces)
with the number of ticket requests you will be paying for. If I receive requests for 50 tickets I will then send out payment information, most likely a PayPal account. Once I receive the payments, I will book the room. If I don't receive the email requests for 50 tickets, I will let WHOLA-LA die a peaceful death. The possible times would be 2-7 or 1-6 depending on the venue management's willingness to open at 1:00 PM. There would be a series of live Who videos and DVDs, a who-toy table for people to bring things to give away as well as get a chance to pick up a new item for the collection.{ It works as follows: You bring a who related item/items for the table, and we draw numbers for your place in line to pick something off the table.} The Who Show performance would be scheduled. A sing-along and some time for a few people to tell some interesting who stories are always a possibility at the Wholas.   And once we have a confirmed event, other additions to the schedule are possible. While 5 hours may seem like a long time, it goes by incredibly fast. Just ask anyone that was at Whola 2.5.

My next update will be Monday, June 21st informing everyone if this is a go or not.

ps sorry for any duplications you may receive on these notices. Very soon all Whola updates will be handled through these E-Updates, and on the Wholapalooza Web site. The only thing that will go out to the lists is an occasional notice that an update is available on www.wholapalooza.com.

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